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"It was supposed to be us forever!"

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Name:Stanford Pines \ Stanley Pines
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Welcome to the Dreamwidth Stancest Community! If you're completely new and have no idea how to make an account, there are instructions here.

Note: All entries except the Mod Contact and Basics posts are member locked. In order to see the content of this community, you must join.

Helpful Links:

The Stancest Kinkmeme
Information and How to post various things.


1. Please keep posts on topic. That is, if it doesn't contain Stancest, then it doesn't really belong here.

2. Use a Cut for NSFW content.

3. Make sure to warn appropriately and let people know if there are any additional pairings in what you're posting.

4. Don't make really long elaborate tags. Try to be concise. Otherwise browsing will be really difficult.

5. You will need to Request to be added. Click Join Community and follow the prompts.

6. Please respect peoples privacy! Don't go mentioning the names of the people who post here. For many, this is a safe haven away from tumblr.

7. Feel free to use this template when posting content:

Any questions or issues, please contact the Mods HERE.
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